The oil and gas industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world. Contributing billions of pounds to the global economy, it’s an extremely financially lucrative industry to be involved in.

Sustained high demand for gas and oil services means that time really is money. Building high performing teams is a major challenge due to a limited pool of suitably skilled candidates, and recruiting for these vacancies is a costly distraction from the core business

That’s where our expertise can make all the difference. We have the skills and experience to help build a workforce tailored to meet your unique requirements, and our consultants have the knowledge and experience needed to create the bespoke workforce solutions that you need. With over 10 years’ experience, you can be assured that we will take the time to understand your requirements and introduce you to the best candidates.

We provide specialist recruitment solutions in the following areas:


Operations and maintenance

Operation and management is an essential part of the upstream sub-sector in the oil and gas industry. The upstream process involves identifying potential oil and gas sources then using the necessary equipment to mine them. We understand that, in order to work in this sector, candidates must have very specific skills. We also understand that skills must extend much further than oil and gas maintenance role,

Whether it is the ability to survey oil wells or the experience to identify the best practice for extractions, you can trust Akton to expertly manage your recruitment needs. Our consultants are experienced at finding candidates who have a thorough knowledge of oil and gas maintenance coupled with a creative approach to problem solving and the ability to find innovative solutions.​

Drilling and completion

For any goal-orientated mining company, drilling and completion is an essential part of a supply chain. To efficiently drill oil and gases from a well, expert knowledge and skills are required and this requires a very unique and specialised set of skills and experience. Professionals in this area must be able to prioritise and operate with efficiency in fast-moving environments.

We enjoy strong industry links and our experienced consultants can react quickly when you’re looking for candidates to strengthen your team.


​Constructing wells and manufacturing the specialist equipment required for mining processes is a fundamental cornerstone of the industry. Sourcing reliable equipment is an ongoing and evolving process with skills quickly become obsolete. Recruiting to fill the gap in skills that this creates can be a time-consuming distraction. Oil and gas companies must constantly quantify the risk of using new, innovative equipment which could improve processes versus the potential downtime caused by introducing new equipment. It takes a very specific type of person to succeed in this sector with analytical thinking and expert knowledge being of paramount importance.

In such a challenging industry, you can trust Akton to expertly manage your recruitment needs. Our team are ready and able to find candidates with up-to-date knowledge. We follow a robust process to ensure that only the very best candidates are successful.


Sub-sea and pipelines

Storage and transportation of oil and gas is a necessarily complex and regulated process, with pre-requisite engineering skills being non-negotiable. The clear-up costs associated with oil and gas spills can be extortionate, and also an environmental and PR disaster.​

Incidents such as the 2010 BP oil spill act as a warning of the dangers of inefficient oil storage further highlighting the importance of getting the right people into the right roles.

Our industry knowledge, along with our well-established network of contacts, enables us to offer responsive and flexibile solutions to help our clients to meet constantly changing business needs and regulatory requirements.​



​Health and safety experts are essential in every industry. In the oil and gas industry, the cost of failure to meet the required HSE standards is immense with wide-ranging consequences.

Akton work on behalf of candidates with advanced experience and skills in environmental and disaster management, Many of these candidates are attracted to the sector as they are skilled in assessing environments and identifying potential risks.

Akton provide specialist recruitment solutions for the complex field of downstream HSE recruitment and we have a substantial database of high-calibre candidates, all of whom have registered and instructed us to act on their behalf. We understand that candidates looking to work within this industry must be great team-players, possess effective communication skills and be to flexible working opportunities. Based upon an in-depth understanding of your business, we ensure that we only introduce candidates who match the culture and ethos of your business.

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