In the digital world, it’s essential to keep up-to-date with all the latest trends and initiatives.

Unprecedented demand for skilled professionals to take on roles in development, support and security, and ever-changing goal posts can make recruitment a time-consuming distraction. In an industry that moves at lightening speed, you can trust Akton to expertly manage your recruitment needs; allowing you to focus on your core business.

We have the skills and experience to help build a workforce tailored to meet your unique requirements, and our consultants have the knowledge and experience needed to create the bespoke workforce solutions that you need. With over 10 years’ experience, you can be assured that we will take the time to understand your requirements and introduce you to the best candidates.

We provide specialist recruitment expertise in the following industry areas:

Software and web development

In this day and age, investment in an effective online presence is one of the most important investments that a business can make. Constant technological advancements mean that modern-day developers must have creative flair as well as possessing pre-requisite technical knowledge and skills. Businesses rely on software and web developers to produce optimised, user-friendly interfaces to support a wide variety of business objectives. Whether the role involves behind the scenes projects, optimising fundamental systems software or focussing more on consumer-facing solutions; our team can find the right candidates for the right roles.

IT Infrastructure and support

The dominance of online processes means that recruiting high-calibre IT infrastructure engineers is a fundamental business requirement, as support and maintenance of hardware and networks are vital for the smooth running of operations. Integration and roll-out of new systems are an on-going challenge, so support staff must be skilled in assisting non-technical staff members in using new systems and offering advice in a user-friendly manner. Our consultants understand the importance of cultural and personality fit, as well as a skills match. We follow a rigorous process to ensure only the best candidates are successful.

Data and analytics

Data analysts inspect, cleanse, transform and model data to provide businesses with the information that is required in order to make informed decisions. Understanding what methods are working, and which ones are now outdated, is key to ensuring that business focus and investment is appropriately targeted. The skills required to succeed in this area are quite unique and experts in this field must be highly adept at interpreting results and applying them to real-life scenarios. Our consultants take the time to ensure that they fully understand your requirements. You can trust Akton to expertly manage your recruitment needs and allow you to focus on your core business.

Testing and quality assurance

New and existing systems need to be maintained through regular testing. To optimise user experience, web developers must anticipate errors and bugs before they impact processes. With candidates requiring flexible skills and innate levels of foresight and intuition, recruiting for these roles can be very difficult. We follow a rigorous process to ensure only the best candidates are successful.

Network and security

Data breaches and system hacking can create untold chaos and increased costs, so cyber-security is high on the agenda for all businesses. Every electronics engineer understands how important security is, but specialists in this field can ensure data is well-protected. Networks that operate over the cloud or older computer systems can often be vulnerable, so implementing the latest measures to protect them is essential. We have strong industry links and our experienced consultants can react quickly when you’re looking for candidates to strengthen your team.

Business change and transformation

Whether it’s a minor system change or a complete overhaul of IT systems, a professional developer can help to make the process seamless and ensure minimal disruption to business operations. Working within an ever-changing environment can be stressful and finding candidates who can adapt to, and actively embrace, constant change is a challenge. Not only are our team experienced at finding candidates with up-to-date systems and software, but we can also identify candidates who will fit into your company culture and complement your existing team.

IT project management

IT project management jobs in high demand, and with good reason. Project managers often have experience in all of the above sub-sectors and are able to oversee a large team, ensuring IT projects are carried out to the highest of standards. Operating at a senior level, you need the right people overseeing project delivery. We can help you to source the very best candidates to manage and deliver your IT projects.

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