Stuart Walters

Senior Recruitment Consultant (Procurement and Supply Chain)

I have been a recruiter for the last 20 years and have been Procurement & Supply Chain focused for the last 17 years. I am a Law Graduate originally from the South Wales Valley’s and have had the pleasure of living and working in the great City of Manchester.

My recruiting career has offered me the opportunity to work with clients across the globe and have recruited in locations such as Mainland Europe, Taiwan, Brazil, Malaysia and Russia. I have a genuine passion for placing great people in wonderful roles and treasure the relationships I have made along the way.     

What person inspires you the most and why?  

Oliver Creed – Head Perfumer at Creed. What a nose!!

What cartoon character do you most associate with?

Hong Kong Fuey – Number One Super Guy

What one thing could you not live without? -


What is your greatest achievement?

Becoming a Dad.  

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