Katie Needham

Recruitment Consultant Construction

What person inspires you the most and why?

 My Dad – He has always been a Hero to me. My dad had a tough time being ill for over 10 years. I grew up watching him go to work every day, he always put his children and his wife first and never complained. He taught me the importance of Family, working hard and being a kind person. He once asked me when I was a teenager ‘What do you want to achieve in life?’ I thought hard, and I replied ‘I want my life to be just like yours. I want to have a nice car, a beautiful home, a good career and a family like ours.’

What one thing could you not live without?

 Honestly, Garlic Bread Cheese. There’s just something so dreamy about melted cheese and garlic mixed together.


Who was your favourite cartoon character when you were

 Has to be Eeyore. His sadness always made me want to cuddle him and be his friend. I still love him now.


What is your greatest achievement?

Buying my first home with my boyfriend on the road I lived with my parents when I was a baby. We have lived there for a year now and we have decorated throughout and really transformed it.

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