Interview Techniques

Interview and C.V. tips

Akton understands that interviews can be very daunting and that candidates can put themselves under extreme pressure. In order to help you, Akton have derived some simple tips in order to try and make the interview a little easier.

Pre interview:
  • Dress smartly, ironed shirts/blouses, brushed hair and clean teeth. (Let’s be honest, appearance is always judged no matter what job you are going for)
  • Make sure you have all the information about the interview a couple of days before
  • Read and understand the job description. Any concerns should always be raised with the consultant before the interview
  • Undertake thorough research into the company, look at their website and understand, WHO THEY ARE AND WHAT THEY DO
  • Drive to the site a day or two before so that you understand how long the journey will take and know how to find the site in time for the interview
  • Always take with you supporting documentation or Professional Portfolio with Qualifications in it. This will give you a chance to explain and prove some of the skills, and achievements you have gained and projects you have undertaken
During the interview:
  • Smile, say hello and shake hands confidently whilst looking the interviewer in the eyes (do NOT try to squeeze their hand tightly or stare at them in an intimidating manner)
  • Listen carefully to the questions being asked. If you are unsure of what has been asked, ask them to rephrase the question or repeat it. (This will show confidence)
  • When asked salary expectations, be clear and keep within the salary band of the position offered. (If you ask for more than is offered you will put yourself in a compromising situation and may lose the opportunity).
  • Keep all answers short and to the point. Alot of interviews are lost when you go into far too much detail or wander off track and away from the main point.
  • At the end of the interview ask the interviewer if they are unsure about anything and whether they have any concerns. (This will help you head off any uncertainties and give you the chance to further explain any point in question).
C.V Layout

There is no official layout for a C.V but there are some simple tips to help you maximise your chance of an interview.

  • C.V’s should be kept short (2/3 pages.)
  • All C.V’s should be tailored to each individual job you apply for
  • Do not include your picture
  • All text should be legible
  • Always include your contact details on the C.V
  • C.V layout should include:
  • Name, address, contact Details
  • Personal Profile (Some info about you that is relevant to the job. Keep it short)
  • Key achievements (Cost savings, business changes etc that are relevant to the vacancy you are applying for.)
  • Qualifications
  • Current Job, Position Title, Date from, to, Company name.
  • Info about company
  • Job Role
  • Continue and repeat for all other jobs.
  • Personal Info – Interests. – Do not include irrelevant info such as how many children you have or your dog’s name.
  • References.
CV Template Download
Permanent-Candidate-cv-template.docx (13.70 Kb)
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