Oil & Gas

The Oil and Gas industry deals with the exploration, extraction and initial containment of oil and gas. It is the UK’s third largest gas producer in Europe and creates a major source of revenue for the economy. It provides a secure supply of around 70% of the primary energy demand of the UK every year (heating, transport and electricity production) and is a crucial source of raw materials for the chemical, pharmaceutical, polymer and petroleum industries.

As the productivity of substantial fields of reserves around the UK decline, the ability to access more geographically difficult reserves will be of greater important. This in turn will drive the technological advances needed for the techniques and equipment to do so. In addition greater environmental controls will be introduced following several high profile incidents, and these are likely to result in a demand for additional specific skills to implement and monitor them.

The industry employs around 450,000 people, some of which are found in regional clusters around the country in proximity to major industry infrastructure. Over 30,000 are employed directly in oil and gas extraction, with a supply chain workforce of around 260,000 of which a large proportion are professional and managerial staff. The remaining employees that make up the industry consist of a proportion of mechanical engineers and those employed by companies that form part of the supply chain for other manufacturing sectors.

The industry has always attracted significant investment and will continue to do so, which in turn will have a direct impact on the rate of new employment. For every billion pounds that is spent in the industry on existing operations and new production 13,000 to 18,000 indirect jobs are created across the economy. The industry has always had a high demand for technical and engineering skills, and future demand will centre on the skills needed to development and implement new extraction techniques. Many of these skills will also be needed globally.

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