International Construction

The international construction industry consists of a wide variety of disciplines working together – often multi-nationally – to create ‘the built environment’ for the planning, regulation, design, manufacture, construction, maintenance and decommissioning of buildings and other structures.

While our home-based construction industry may have taken a battering during the economic downturn, the international construction industry is very much active and thriving. Many nations are less exposed to issues that the credit crunch created and have healthy economies with active building programmes, including China, India, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, some Asia Pacific countries, and Brazil. In addition a proportion of international construction projects originate from the UK through the major British construction contractors who have global interests.

The industry includes all sizes of companies, from multi-national construction organisations with billion pound turnovers to niche specialists that operate out of small local facilities. The size and complexity of the international construction industry means that a variety of competences are needed at all levels, including general and specialist contractors, consulting architects and engineers, design architects and quantity surveyors, and project managers, along with the skills of building materials suppliers and equipment manufacturers. In addition, at the mid- to senior level, individuals with creative vision and leadership abilities are always in demand to lead on numerous complex multi-national projects.

The international construction industry has always needed talented people who not only understand what is needed to deliver the nuts and bolts of the building process, but also have the ability to think creatively and plan strategically too.

Akton understands this. Our team of technical recruitment consultants draws upon decades of knowledge and experience of the international construction and the built environment to find talented skilled, technical, managerial and executive level individuals through a comprehensive search and selection process. From site managers to Managing Directors and CEOs, Akton will use its extensive network of industry contacts both abroad and in the UK to ensure the business and technical needs of its clients and candidates are always met.

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