Nowhere else in Europe has the diversity or productivity of the UK automotive industry nor the reputation as a global centre of excellence for engine development and production. The manufacturing arm of the industry, which produces a wide range of vehicles and components, combined with a sophisticated trade arm, which includes retail, distribution and aftermarket services, has set high standards that other industries look up to.

The manufacturing arm is a renowned leader in process improvement, particularly with regard to low unit costs and economies of scale with complex products, and over 70% of the 1.3 million cars and commercial vehicles produced in the UK are exported. Some 40 or more vehicle manufacturers operate out of the UK – the largest number of any country in Europe – producing everything from high volume cars, to vans, trucks and buses, to specialist vehicles. This has only been possible due to the extensive and dynamic nature of the industry’s supply chain, which boasts the majority of the world’s major designers, engineering consultancies, component manufacturers and technology providers.

In total, nearly 650,000 people are employed by the manufacturing and service arms of the automotive industry, and such is its reputation that investors (a significant proportion of which come from outside of the UK) continue to feed their money and knowledge of best practice into it. However the industry faces challenges from environmental protection and safety legislation, which will impact on what is being manufactured and how those products are used and marketed.

And all this will be done while under pressure to drive down costs and deliver the advanced technology, product and business performance required by customers.

Highly skilled technicians and ambitious visionary leaders are forecast to be in demand if the industry is to thrive in the future – and these are talented groups of individuals that Akton is very good at finding and placing where their skills will be most effective.

Our dedicated automotive recruitment team can fill any placement – whether in the UK or abroad – with the most appropriate skilled, technical, managerial or executive level individual. Our thorough understanding of both manufacturing and trade sections of the industry, combined with our substantial network of partners, clients and candidates means no matter what skills and talents are needed to help a company succeed, we can provide them.

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