Despite volcanic ash clouds, extreme weather conditions and slashed budgets across the globe, the UK’s aerospace industry always performs well and is one of the few stabilising influences in the economy. It has a 25% share of the global market and is second only to the United States, making a major contribution to the UK economy primarily through manufacturing and new technologies research. Traditionally the industry has a strong research and development base, which allows it to play a leading role within international consortia in wing, engine, weapon, and rotor design.

The 700+ employers in the sector range from small specialist workshops to much larger international companies concerned with the design, manufacture and maintenance of integrated systems. The industry employs over 100,000 people who in turn support a further 230,000 across the entire UK economy. Aerospace has always attracted the most skilled and highly trained individuals, with over 30% of employees educated to degree standard or equivalent.

This need for highly skilled people is forecast to significantly increase over the next few years, driven in part by the industry’s pursuit of Process Excellence, a system that improves the way a company operates throughout the whole product lifecycle. This is turn is forecast drive significant growth, and addressing those skills shortages in innovation and new product delivery will become key to the industry’s future, particularly in the area of low carbon emissions.

Akton Recruitment’s team of technical recruitment specialists team understands the diverse and highly skilled nature of the Aerospace industry, both in the UK and abroad in the international arena. We use our substantial network of contacts to search for and place talented skilled, technical, managerial and executive level individuals with some of the most progressive corporate organisations in the world, seeking to match their exceptional abilities to where their talents will have the greatest positive impact.

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